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Principal Updates November 6, 2015

Dear Barbara Vick Parents,

Over the next three weeks, we our schedule will be a bit atypical…

11/11   No School – Veterans’s Day

11/12   Food Drive Flyer is attached

11/13   No School – Staff Development

11/16   Educators from China to Visit

11/18   Parent Conferences

11/25   Thanksgiving Break

Other school news…

  • Preschool Yoga Is Back!!!  Margaret McGann will be onsite to continue last year’s yoga practice with the children.  Margaret is an experienced 500-hour trained Hatha Yoga instructor, as well as being Certified Yoga in My Schools Instructor.  Margaret brings 15 years of experience as a yoga instructor.

Preschool Yoga practice includes mindfulness (walking and sound), breath awareness, singing songs, building a sense of community in our practice together, practicing yoga poses, cultivation of self- regulation skills, development of negotiation skills, and relaxation.

If you do not want you child to participate in the yoga practice, please sign the attached form or respond to this email and return it to school 11/9/16.

  • Walgreens will be onsite on Parent Conference Day, November 18, 2015 12:00 to 6:00pm to administer flu shots to Parents/Guardians and our staff. If interested please bring in your insurance card.  If you don’t have insurance, Walgreens will be issuing vouchers for free of charge.
  • From CPS Central Offices regarding the Fiscal Crisis..

 Our elected leaders in Springfield are the ones who will decide whether or not funding will come through.  For years, Springfield has cut education funding – asking you as a taxpayer to do more and giving your kids less.  Now they must decide if they’ll provide CPS with needed relief in the form of $200 million in pension costs and increased education funding across the state — or whether they’ll continue to treat Chicago’s students unfairly.  

As parents and educators, we cannot fully focus on the needs of our students with continued financial instability that upends our schools.  It’s time we let Governor Rauner and our elected representatives know that this era of one-off budget tricks is over, and that we need them to treat Chicago students fairly, by funding Chicago schools and teacher pensions as they do for the rest of the state.
Your voice – as a taxpayer, a voter, and a parent – is so critical for our leaders to hear.
Please take a minute to visit cps.edu/takeaction , where you’ll find resources to help you speak up for our community.  And if you’d like to get more involved, please reach out to me.
I’m confident we can solve this if we work together to let Springfield know that shared values around education means shared responsibility – and it’s high time they step up.

Hope you have a great weekend…bundle up!

Cathy and Amy


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