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Principal Updates 9/19

Good afternoon Barbara Vick families,

It is hard to believe the first two weeks of school are behind us.  The children have moved from the easy days of summer to the more structured days of school without much difficulty.  It always amazes me how easily they make the change…sometimes with greater ease than the adults.  They have discovered where to hang their book bags and experienced new and interesting things to do in the classrooms.  They are watching and learning about one another as they develop new friendships and deepen existing relationships.  Everyone at Barbara Vick thanks you for trusting us with the care of your children.  We accept this responsibility and promise to create wonder-filled learning experiences and environments throughout the school year.

PTT news…

Thank you to the families that have joined the PTT.  If you have not yet joined, please consider becoming a members.  The PTT supports the school in a great variety of ways.  They are sponsoring the Spirit wear sale these next two weeks.  An order for is attached and samples will be on display in the school.  Envelopes will be posted outside of classrooms for your orders.

Holiday Policy

The staff is currently working on a new Holiday policy.  We need your help.  Your input is critical to us as we move forward.  You will find a link to complete the survey and a paper copy attached.  Please complete either the online or the paper copy.  It is important that all perspectives are considered.


Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.

See everyone on Monday morning…



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