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Room 107

Room 107 Teachers: Rose Major, Vickie Mulcrone and David Aldridge



April 1, 2017

Dear Room 107 Parents,

In literacy, we are finishing up our work with The Three Billy’s Goats Gruff.  The children really enjoy hearing the stories and engaging with them during story time.  You may have heard your child saying, “TRIP, TRAP! TRIP, TRAP! TRIP, TRAP!”  “WHO’S THAT TRIPPING ACROSS MY BRIDGE?”  These are words from the story that the children like to repeat during story time.  The children can be seen acting out the story in different areas of the room during choice time, as well as trying to read the story to one another.  The children are learning to speak in front of the class as we have been performing in the class.  They pretend to be the troll or one of the goats.  Learning to ask and answer questions is a priority in the classroom: answering questions related to the story as well as during as snack time, and choice time.



In math, we are learning about numbers.  We are learning to rote count, count while tagging each item, telling how many at the end and connecting numbers to their quantities as well as number identification to five.  The children have multiple opportunities during the day to count:  counting at entry table toy time and how many beads they put on their string.  At meeting time, the children are counting the number of children sitting on the rug and writing the number on the dry erase board.  We are also counting during snack time when the children tell how many crackers etc.., that they want.



The children are learning about feelings and other ways to deal with their emotions/feelings in different situations.  We have discussed different ways to deal with their feelings when they are frustrated or to help them learn to solve social problems.  The children will have many opportunities during the course of the day to express their feelings.  During choice time, the children can tell a peer that they don’t like it when they knock down their structures and it makes them feel sad.  Then the peer has the chance to see that their actions hurt someone’s feelings and can begin to learn how to deal with that.


Starting in April, we will begin a ball study in honor of the Special Olympics that will be taking place in June.  During this study the children will learn the many different ways to play with balls.  They will throw them, catch them, roll them and kick them.  The children will also be learning to take turns, work together, wait their turn and problem solving skills.  Our study will also cover skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology.


I just wanted to remind everyone, that with the temperatures heating up, we will be going outside for the children to practice their gross motor skills as well as burn off some energy.  With that being said, please dress your child in the proper weather gear so that they can enjoy outside time.  Please make sure to label all of your child’s belongings so that items do not get mixed up amongst the children.                        



April 7th – No School

April 10 – 14 – Spring Break

April 19th – Parent Teacher Conference

April 21st – Fundraiser at Bourbon Street @6pm


Parent volunteers are needed for the fundraiser.  If you are interested in volunteering, a signup sheet is in the hall on   the door.   If you are unable to signup personally, the sign-up link is :  https://docs.google.com/a/cps.edu/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevQAUbp1rWPXyE7bO8rBBtY5VoDymJ6TM-us7k7spNhcs3Jg/viewform

I’d be happy to sign up anyone who is not able to access the link – just let me know!



Clorox wipes, paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, hand soap, 5oz cups, water, juice, pretzels, fish crackers, graham crackers and we’d like to include fruit as an option during our snack time.  If you would like to bring a fruit, you can bring any type of fruit except for bananas.  We have allergies to bananas and milk.

As always, your support is always appreciated.


Ms. Rose, Ms. Vickie and Mr. David


Welcome back to all.  We hope your break was filled with rest and lots of family fun.

In our classroom:

We will begin working on numbers, rote counting, counting tagging each item and connecting numbers to their quantities as well as number identification.  We will begin reading stories of three.  The three little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears and other number books to ten.  We will put together a number table to reinforce what we have been working on with numbers.

We are also continuing our work on social development, engaging with peers, sharing and taking turns, as well as managing our feelings.  The children will continue to have the opportunity to talk about their feelings and how to solve social problems, as it pertains to sharing and turn taking.

For art, we will be creating snowmen using circles of different sizes for the body, head, buttons, eyes, mouth and triangle for the nose.


Even though the weather is not cooperating with us right now.  We just wanted to take this time to remind you that we do go outside as long as the temperature is above 20 degrees.  With that being said, please make sure that your child is properly dressed and prepared to go out and enjoy themselves and blow off some pinned up energy.

Please dress your child appropriately for outside play with the proper coat, hat, mittens, scarves, snow pants if you have them and boots.


November Newsletter

Room 107

We would like to take this time to thank all the families that have been donating supplies to our class.  Also, thanks to all who were able to attend our second Parent Child Activity day.

In our classroom,

We are beginning an author study.  The author that we will be studying is Anna Dewdney, she wrote the Llama Llama books.  We are also continuing our work on social development, engaging with peers, sharing and taking turns, as well as managing our feelings.  The children will continue to have the opportunity to talk about their feelings and how to solve social problems, as it pertains to sharing and turn taking.

The class will begin working on becoming authors.  The children will create a book that talk about feelings.  The book will show different emotions of the children during different times of the day.  We have captured pictures of the children displaying different emotions/feelings and we have begun to talk about things that make us happy, sad, mad and angry.  It was funny to hear the children talk about what made them feel the way that they did in the pictures.  It will be interesting to see when the book is complete.  I can’t wait.


October 31st thru November 4th Food Drive

November 4th – Professional Development – No school

November 9th –Parent Teacher Conference

November 11th - Veterans Day- No School

November 23rd – 25th Thanksgiving Break

If you have not signed up for PTT please do so.

Wish list: 

Pretzels, fish crackers, juice, cups, kleenex, hand soap, lysol spray, lysol clean up and clorox wipes.

Thanks for all you do,

Ms. Rose

Ms. Vickie

Mr. David

October newsletter

Room 107

In our classroom.

The children are working on sharing, taking turns and exploring our feelings.  We are talking about sharing and taking turns.  As well as talking about how we feel when someone does not share or take things from them.  The children will also have an opportunity to talk about their feelings and emotions.  We will begin to talk about class agreements.

The students are working on becoming more independent in the class making choices and cleaning up after themselves.  Some of them have also begun going out into the hall to find their mailboxes and put their work in.  You can help your children with fostering their independence by allowing and encouraging them to do things for themselves.


If your child is in a diaper or pull up, please make sure to send more to school.

If you have not signed up for PTT please do so as soon as possible.

Please put your child’s name in all of their clothing.  Some children have gone home with things that do not belong to them because they were accidently put on the wrong hook and the children are unable to identify their things.  This will help us to keep this from happening.

The online book fair will be open from Monday, September 26th through Sunday, October 16th. The online fair can be accessed from the following link: http://www.scholastic.com/bf/barbaravickearlychildctr

Dates to remember…

October 10th Columbus Day No School

October 21st Parent Child Activity

April Newsletter

Happy Spring

Room 107


I would like to take this time to thank all of you for being so open and welcoming to me into the class and into your child’s lives.  We are going to have great end to this year!


Parent teacher conference is April 13th, conference time are between 11 am -6 pm.  Each conference is 15 minutes.  The sign-up sheet will be hanging up outside the class.  Please take some time to see what time you will be available to come in and talk with me about your child’s progress.

As some of you might’ve noticed already, we have made some changes to the class in hopes of developing some purposeful play and engagement with peers.  Ask your child about the changes and see if they can tell you what has changed or what is different about the class and if they like it.

We will also be implementing the phonics program in the class and introducing the children to some nursery rhymes and some rhyming words.

Dates to remember

April 8th:  NO SCHOOL

April 13th:  Parent Teacher conferences

April 18th -22:  Spring Break


The temperature has been warming up and we have been going outside.  Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately and that they have on the proper clothing for the weather.  If you know that your child likes to jump in the puddles, you might want to send them to school in rain boots so that their feet and clothes don’t get wet.

Wish list

Clorox wipes, sandwich and gallon Ziploc bags, fold and go sandwich bags, dixie cups/ 10 oz. if possible, Kleenex, hand soap, paper towels/select a size if possible, salt, food coloring and fish food/flakes


Pretzels, gold fish crackers,


Ms. Rose and Ms. Vickie

Dear Parents,

It’s already December!   This month we will begin our Box Study which means I need your help collecting boxes of all sizes and materials for our classroom (i.e. cardboard, cigar boxes, tackle boxes, jewelry boxes, toys boxes, etc…).  This is a perfect time for all you online shoppers- please save the cardboard box and bring it in for our new building areaJ  We are excited to see the children build with them, play inside and just explore and have fun.

We will begin reading the book Not A Box by Antionette Portis.  Feel free to check out the online animation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nif94VQ4Xsc.  This is not only a fun book to explore creative play possibilities but to talk about positional and proximity words (in, behind, next to), sort and measure/compare differences of various boxes.

As we approach special holidays and traditions in the month of December, we focus on the idea of family and giving/sharing.  We encourage you to share your own family traditions with the class.  If you would like to read a book, share a video/song or favorite snack you are invited to do so.  Let us know if you are interested in this opportunity and we will set up a time for you to stop in!


Ms Annie, Ms Vickie & Ms Dianna


*December 10th 6:30-7:00 pm Holiday Sing-a-long at Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences.

*December 18th Last day of school before Winter Break

*We go outside everyday as long as the wind chill is above twenty degrees. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately. Please label all hats/gloves/scarves etc… with your child’s name.  If you would like your child to wear boots to school they may leave a pair of slippers in their bag to change into before coming into the classroom. SNOW PANTS seems to be the easiest option for your child to have fun and stay dry in the wet/snowy weather.  

Dear Parents,

This first month of school students’ have focused on learning their individualized picture schedules and following the routines of the day.  We have settled in to a nice schedule and look forward to some fun upcoming activities.  These next few weeks we will focus on Trees, Apples and Barn Animals.  We are highlighting the following books:

  •  Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm
  • Apple Farmer Annie

We are introducing a weekly cooking activity into our class on Thursdays.  Ms. Mise will come into our room to help with these activities.  This Thursday we are making apple turnovers.  I will be sending out a sign up email soon to ask for assistance with our daily snack as well.  It will allow you to sign up for a particular week and provide the class with snacks, juice/water for the week. For example, graham crackers, gold fish, veggie straws, apple juice or water.  We have smaller class sizes so typically a large bag or “Family size” box snack and gallon of juice/water last for the week.  These larger items are preferred over snack size bags or individually wrapped items or juice boxes.

We are also asking parents for a collection of interesting branches, twigs, acorns and leaves as they begin to change colors.  Please help your child notice these changes during the fall season.  We will be using these items in upcoming activities in the room.

Thank You,

Ms Annie

Feel free to watch Rm 107’s new favorite songJ


May 27, 2015


The children have started to notice a lot of different bugs around lately.  We have even seen a couple eight-legged visitors in our classroom!  We will focus on bugs over the next two weeks.  We plan on taking walks around the school with binoculars in hand to “I spy” some insects.  Please do the same at home and be sure to point out the different features like number of legs, wings, antennae, color and how they move.  We will be reading a number of books on bugs and insects including the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle of course.

Feel free to watch the following Icky Insect song at home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYawa4piO4k

The children were excited to welcome two musicians to the classroom for a special WOW visit. Our guests played a few instruments from the Brass Family and we even learned a new instrument- a euphonium (we all thought it was a tuba). It was a great celebration of our Music Making study!


Dear Room 107 Families,

During the month of May we are excited to focus on the study of ¯MUSIC ¯ in our classroom that will engage and build on your children’s curiousity around music, sound and performance!  We have been exploring different instruments last week during choice time and talking about loud and soft sounds and voices.  There is a fun Burt & Ernie video on Loud/Soft that you can play to reinforce this concept at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVlnLWiSGp8.  Children also practiced performance through our “Green” show & tell activity last Friday.  They love watching themselves and their friends’ videos on the “Big Screen” in our room.  It has sparked some interesting social interactions and conversations in our room!

If you can we’d love your help gathering information for our study.  We are collecting different videos and pictures of music making this week.  So please feel free to email short videos or pictures of your child playing an instrument or singing- toy, real or banging pots & pans! If you have any family members who play send those videos in as well. Please note that videos and pictures will be displayed on our projected computer screen in the class for all to seeJ Send to aeharrigan@cps.edu.

Throughout the next couple weeks you can listen for music throughout the day with your child.  Talk about the music you hear and how it makes you feel. Encourage your child to dance and move to the music.  Also, think about three of your child’s/families’ favorite songs- their will be a paper sent home later in the week to fill out.  At the end of our study, we will have a special event performance to celebrate what we have learned.  More info to come…

Thank you,

Room 107 Staff

Hi Parents,

Vroooom! During the month of March we will explore transportation, street signs and safety. This past week we have read the Little Blue Truck and did an art project with mud and various tire tracks which proved both messy and fun.  They are taking turns playing a Car Race board game and making predictions on which colored car will be the fastest- majority of children pick the red carJ.  They have also built a ramp and tunnels in the classroom and watched the cars, trucks and trains “go down.” They noticed some move slower than others.   Next week we will focus on trains and will begin to graph the trains we hear and see go past our windows every day!  Help us practice these skills when you and your child are driving in the car by narrating what you see and hear (i.e. we stop at a stop sign, do you hear the train horn?).

March Picture Vocabulary

Each week we will introduce a few pictures and concepts.


Dear Family,

My name is Lisa Pattara McGrane (Ms. Lisa) and I am the Early Childhood Special Ed teacher in Room 107. My assistants this year are Ms. Victoria Mulcrone (Ms. Vicki) and Mrs. Terry Boike (Ms. Terry). We are so excited to have you and your child in our classroom and look forward to a fun and eventful year!!

In our classroom, we offer many opportunities for the children to learn through their play. In the House area, the children may be found role-playing as a family and setting the table for dinner. In this scheme, they are using their skills of cooperation, playing with and alongside their peers. They may count or match objects all in the name of play.

In the Dramatic Play area, the children dress in different outfits and take on that persona. For example, they might wear the doctor coat and take the teacher’s temperature. They may put on a coat, pick up a purse and decide to go to the store. Some children will sit on the couch and feed the baby…again learning through play.

The Art table and easel allow the children to experiment with many types of media from different kinds of paper, water color paints and crayons, pencils and thin line pens and markers. We will have the opportunity to go into the Art Studio under the direction of Ms. Mary Bell who will help us to challenge the children to use things other than the plain crayons and construction paper! Very exciting times!!

Our Manipulatives and Puzzle tables offer the children opportunities to play cooperatively with each other. They will be given the chance to display their knowledge of numbers, colors, shapes and creativity through the handling of and playing with these things. We will play table games such as Memory and BINGO and board games like Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land.

The Library and Book areas provide the children with many rich occasions to experience Literacy independently and in small and large groups. We read stories at least twice a day and hold discussions with thought provoking questions to give the children time and opportunity to relate to characters, plots and storylines. We will also have opportunities to go to the school library and choose books to check out!!!

This year, we are introducing a Phonemic Awareness program and “Creative Curriculum” as our primary curricula. The children will be exposed to the sounds of letters and how they work together to create words. We will read stories, poems and nursery rhymes. I look forward to working with you and your child as we move through this curriculum! It’s going to be a fun time!!

As we move through the year, please know you are welcome in the classroom as we work together to challenge the children to be their best!

My name is Terry Boike. I have worked for Barbara Vick for the past 5 years as a substitute teacher. I am certified to teach Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education and Secondary Education.  My 4 children are grown with the youngest being 21 and a junior in college. My hope and dream for this school year is to develop a loving relationship with each child as an individual.

We are looking forward to an exciting year with you and your family!