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Room 106

Room 106 Teachers: Karla Curtis, Amy Basinski-Long and Joe Jager




January Newsletter

Welcome back!

The teachers of room 106 would like to welcome back all of our students and their families.  We hope that everyone had an enjoyable and restful break.  We are eager to get the New Year started with some exciting new adventures in our classroom.

Prior to our break, we had spent several weeks studying the many texts written or illustrated by the author, David Shannon.  The students learned about the components of a text which include the following: title, characters, setting, beginning, middle, and ending.  The students worked in small groups to create their own stories.  They voted on the main character and setting for each story.  Each small group dictated, wrote, and drew pictures to bring their stories to life.  The stories were read aloud to the whole group and placed in our book basket to be enjoyed by the whole class.

This week!

We are certain that the students will be excited to share their experiences from over break.  We would like to invite each student to bring one item to school, labeled and in a bag, to be shown and shared with the entire class during our large group time.  This can be a picture, book, toy, or other small object that would allow them to share an experience they had over their break.

We ask that students with the last name beginning with the letters A-M bring in an object on Tuesday, January 10 and students with the last name beginning with the letters N-Z bring in an object on Wednesday, January 11.

Coming up!

Over the next several weeks, we will be studying Pets.  We have introduced several stuffed animals into the house area.  The students have begun to take our pets for walks, sell them in a pet store, and have begun to pretend to be pets or pet owners.  We will investigate several topics related to pets including: types of animals that can be pets, caring for pets, food for pets, medical care for pets, etc.  We will be reading books about pets and animals.

We would also like to include a special guest visitor to our classroom.  Louie, a miniature golden doodle, is a therapy dog that works daily at a different Chicago Public School.  Louie has been trained to work with children in a school setting.  He is also a hypoallergenic dog who does not shed.  During the course of our study, the teachers of room 106 were hopeful that Louie could make weekly visits.  Before we introduce Louie to our classroom, we would like permission from each of you.

Please detach the permission slip below, sign, and return to the classroom.  We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.



Permission Slip for Louie therapy dog



I give permission for my child, ______________________________, to participate in activities involving Louie therapy dog at Barbara Vick Early Childhood Center.


I do not give permission for my child, __________________________________, to participate in activities involving Louie therapy dog at Barbara Vick Early Childhood Center.



Hello families,

We are having a thanksgiving celebration with room 105 and 106 tomorrow. This is our first meal time with the groups of children, we want to be sensitive to all allergies.

We are making a fruit salad in 105. Oranges, kiwi, cantaloupe, blueberries, grapes, and apples.

Room 106 is making a snack mix with gluten free pretzels, gluten free chex, raisins and chocloate chips (contain milk fat) to share with our room.
Please let us know if any of these ingredients are a concern for your child.
We will do our best to make snacks omitting ingredients if your child is allergic. You may of course pack a snack for your child to have instead of one of these if you are concerned about allergens.
Room 105 and 106

October Newsletter

In our classroom…

The students have been very busy throughout September learning all about “Our School Community”.  They have shared their names with their new friends and are quickly learning all the names of their classmates.  They have been working on drawing a person, beginning to learn the letters in their name, and practicing how to write their name.  The students also took a tour of the school building and were introduced to other adults that work in our school.  It is important to the teachers of room 106 that the students understand that while they are part of their classroom community, they are also a part of the larger school community.

The students have also been discussing and learning about how to make our classroom environment safe and fun.  We have been reading books about following rules, what you can do with your hands, and what you can do with your feet.  The students were asked to share their ideas about how to make school safe and fun through small group discussion and drawings.  They decided on our classroom agreements by voting for their favorites.  Graphs were designed to show the students what classroom agreements were decided upon.  Then, they spent small group time drawing pictures to illustrate the agreements.  Please look on the door for a display of our classroom agreements.  Feel free to discuss them with your child to help support our efforts to provide them with a classroom that is safe and fun!  The agreements voted on were the following: take turns, walk in the classroom, play together, share, and listen.

Coming up…

As we move into October, we will begin to discuss “The Wonders of Me”.  We will encourage the students to look at their face in a mirror.  We will have them draw, paint, or design their face using a range of materials.  We will discuss lines and how they curve, wiggle, or bend.  We will look deeper into these lines to see the shapes that exist all around us.


Celebrating your child’s birthday at school is important to them and our classroom community.  Everyone is excited and happy to celebrate and sing!  A wonderful suggestion is to allow your child to select their favorite book from home to be read by a parent or other special guest on their big day.  A final suggestion would be to donate a book to the classroom library in honor of your child’s birthday.  Feel free to inscribe a note and date on the book so future students can remember your child.

Dates to remember…

10/10 No school


Please remember to return all medical forms or other important school forms.

Please send in a current family photo for your child to display in the classroom.

Contact us…

Please feel free to call the school directly if you have any concerns or need to report an absence.  If there is something that you’d like to talk to the teachers about directly, but it isn’t immediate please feel free to email us.  Please remember that when we are with students we do not check our email.  If the matter is pressing, please call the school directly and request that they provide us with a message.  We will do our best to respond to you emails in a timely manner.

School phone number:   773-535-2671

Amy Basinski-Long email: albasinski@cps.edu

Karla Curtis email: kcurtis@cps.edu

Joe Jager email: jgjager@cps.edu

***Please remember to check the wish list in the hallway.  Thank you to all the families who have purchased supplies for our classroom.



ROOM 106


We are talking about growing and changing as we hatch chicks and plant seeds.  We have 24 eggs in our incubator.  The students are anxious for them to hatch.  Students have been looking at pictures and videos of what’s happening inside the eggs and sharing their ideas with peers.  The students will also be planting and comparing more seeds.  They are discussing the life cycles of chickens and plants.  We also talk about growing and changing as it relates to ourselves as we prepare for some of our friends moving on to kindergarten at the end of the school year.  We are highlighting skills such as: measuring, comparing, name writing, letter recognition, and communicating ideas and thoughts.


5/20         Parent-Child Activity – This is a one hour day for students.  They will arrive with a parent or special person.  At the end of the one hour session, students will be dismissed with their parent/special person.  Sign-up sheets are be posted outside of the classroom.  This is an outdoor activity.

5/30         Memorial Day – No School



                                                                 ROOM 106


We are concluding our Eric Carle study.  The students are still very interested in reading and re-reading all of Eric Carle’s books.  They recognized that he had animals in a lot of his books.  They especially loved The Mixed-Up Chameleon.  The students used Eric Carle’s technique to paint their own animals from the Mixed-Up Chameleon.  We’ll end our study with a trip to Lincoln Park Zoo on Tuesday, April 12th.  After Spring Break, eggs will (hopefully) be delivered to our classroom and we expect that students will be talking about hatching chicks.


Both sessions will attend at the same time.  We are able to take 12 chaperones.  Chaperones will very likely be responsible for more than one student.  We will choose by lottery and according to need.  We will try to give preference to parents who did not attend our other field trip.  When we return from the field trip at 12:30, ALL students will be dismissed.

When:  Tuesday, April 12th

Drop Off:  9:10

Pick Up:  12:30


Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, April 13th.  Conferences will be 15 minutes in length.  This is a non-attendance day for students.  Miss Karla will be meeting with families of students enrolling in Kindergarten in the fall.  If there are spaces remaining, families of returning students are welcome to sign up for a conference.  Sign-up sheets will be posted outside of the classroom.  If you are unable to come into the building to sign up, please email Miss Karla (kcurtis@cps.edu).  Please don’t request a time as a REPLY to this email.  Just send your request in a separate email.

Miss Rose will hold conferences with families in 106.  She will call or email families to schedule conferences.

If your child recently had an IEP meeting, you do not need to sign up for a conference time on April 13th.




4/18 – 4/22…SPRING BREAK




In Our Classroom…

We have continued to use a lot of games in our learning.  The students are still talking about the game day we had with their parents.  They ask us to bring out the stacking cups everyday during choice time.  We’ve been putting a lot of focus on counting, writing numbers, matching numbers to groups, and ordering numbers over the past few weeks.

We are doing an author study of Eric Carle.  The students have been reading and retelling The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Throughout this study, we will focus on letters, writing names, writing to convey meaning, and storytelling and retelling.

We will be making Banana Caterpillars on Thursday, February 4th.  If you are interested in being the guest chef for the AM or PM session, let us know.

According to our school policy, we cannot pass out candy or goody bags for Valentine’s Day.  Please do not send any candy or goodies to school.  We will have to send them back home.

Dates to Remember…

2/5    No School

2/15  No School





ROOM 106

In Our Classroom…

During the course of sharing their All About Me books, students began drawing and designing faces.  As we talk about families, sharing, and giving over the next few weeks, students will have more opportunities to draw and design themselves and the people in their families.  Students will also participate in activities to: count people/objects; match numbers to groups; make comparisons; and share thoughts and ideas.  Over the next few weeks students will also be working on identifying and writing names.

Giving Jar…

Our class has selected a 9 year old boy from the Giving Tree.  He is asking for Spider Man toys or games.  Children and families are welcome to donate change to our Giving Jar December 2nd – 4th.  We will use the money to help buy toys.  This is a good opportunity for us to reinforce sharing, giving, and thinking about the needs of others.

Dates to Remember…

 12/7 – 12/11       Our room is responsible for feeding the fish in the front hall.  This will be our first time feeding the fish.  We are excited.  Ask your child to tell you all about it.

12/10                             Holiday Sing Along at Chicago Ag

12/18                             Last Day of School….see you January 4th!  Enjoy!

November News

Room 106

 In Our Classroom…

The students have become familiar with our classroom areas and materials.  They are talking about how to share and play with friends.  They have begun generating classroom agreements.  Check out our board in the hallway to see their ideas so far.  We will continue to document and add to our classroom agreements.

The students are also becoming more independent.  You can help by allowing students to hang up their items at drop off time.  Also, have students check their mailboxes, and gather their belongings at pick up time.  Many of the students are working really hard to put on, and even zip, their coats and jackets.  Ask them to show you.

Now, the students are engaged in an “All About Me” unit of study.  Through this study, students will have opportunities to make observations about how they look, create representations of themselves using different medium, share their likes and dislikes, discuss their feelings and emotions, and talk about how we may be alike and/or different from our peers.  This is also the perfect time for students to share the books they made on parent-child day.

Volunteering in the Classroom…

We will have a sign-up sheet posted in the hallway for families who would like to volunteer in our classroom.  We need Entry Volunteers, and Guest Chefs.

Entry Volunteers (5-10 minutes at entry) – assist with greeting students entering the classroom, assist with hand washing, work with students at the tables

Guest Chefs (approx. 45 mins to an hour, 9:40–10:30 in the AM session; 1:00-1:50 in the PM session) – provide the ingredients and make snacks with the students during our Choice Time.  We cannot serve students any treats that were baked at your home.

Dates to Remember…

11/11                                      Veteran’s Day

11/12                                      Food Drive

11/13                                      No school for students

11/18                                      Parent-Teacher Conferences

11/25, 11/26, 11/27     Thanksgiving Break (enjoy!)



ROOM 106 

In Our Classroom…

The students have been exploring areas of the classroom, finding their hooks and mailboxes, learning the names of their teachers and peers, and learning our classroom routines.  In the upcoming weeks, we will work with the students to develop our classroom agreements.

This can be such a busy time of year.  Teachers have several assessments to administer to new and returning students.  You may see us taking students out of the classroom one at a time or working one on one with students over the next few weeks.  As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to talk with the teachers.

Paperwork and Forms…

Some of our students are missing updated school forms.  We have placed the needed forms in children’s mailboxes.  Please check mailboxes and return the forms to the teachers as soon as possible.   Please don’t leave the forms in your child’s bag.

New families will need to complete a social emotional questionnaire about their child.  The teachers will talk with each family.

Family Photos…

Students may bring in a family photo to be displayed in our classroom.  Photos will be mounted on our bulletin board and should be no larger than 5×7.

Wish List…

If we need items for our classroom, we will place post it notes on our wish list in the hallway.  If you are able to provide an item, please take the post it note and drop off the item in our classroom.  Thank you.


Keep an extra change of clothes in your child’s bag.  We will use them if your child has an extra messy day.

Be sure we have your email address.  We are finalizing our contact lists.  In the future, we will email newsletters, etc.

June News

Room 106 is SUPER busy!


Room 106 will be responsible for putting away all of the outside toys at the end of the day (June 1st – 12th).  We are looking for volunteers IN THE AFTERNOON SESSION to put the toys away.  Sign-up sheets will be posted in the hallway.  We can begin putting outside toys away at 2:45.  Thanks.

FIELD TRIP to Peggy Notebaert Museum

Monday, June 16th

Drop off:  9:00

Pick Up:  1:00

Bring a brown bag lunch.  Please do not send lunch boxes or totes.  Write your child’s name on their lunch.  Thanks.


Vic-nic is our school’s annual end of the year picnic.  Our Vic-Nic is scheduled for Tuesday, June 16th.  All Vick families are invited to attend.  More details to follow.

Our End of Year Activity

We will have an ice cream party on Friday, June 19th, the last day of school.  Families are invited to attend.  Morning families may join us in the classroom from 10:15 to dismissal.  Afternoon families are invited to join us 1:45 to dismissal.  Sign-up sheets for items to bring to the party will be posted outside of our classroom.

Preschool Yearbook

Last year we gave each child a book that included a picture, list of interests, and contact info for all of their friends.  We hoped this would help friends stay in touch, and/or build new friendships over the summer.  We are doing it again this year.  We will send a short questionnaire home with your child.  Please complete the questionnaire with your child and return it by Friday, June 5th to ensure your child’s completed page is included in the book.  Questionnaires will be sent home Monday.

Kennedy Park

We will walk to the sprinkler at Kennedy Park on Wednesday, June 17th or Thursday, June 18th (weather permitting).  Please put swimwear under your child’s clothes on that day.  We will give the exact day as we get closer.

Outside Play…

Don’t forget to put sunblock on your child.

March Newsletter

Room 106

In Our Classroom…

The students are continuing to write letters and notes as part of our Post Office theme.  We have introduced the job of mail carrier in our room.  Students are delivering mail to their friends.  We’ve added some materials to our dramatic play area and the students are beginning to engage in play scenarios involving the post office.  Through our post office topic, students are having many opportunities to build, reinforce, and apply their handwriting skills, and their letter-sound knowledge.  St. Patrick’s Day also occurs this month.  We know that many of our students will be excited to share their experiences.  We see this as another opportunity for our students to learn about each other.

Lending Library…

Students may continue to take out books from our lending library.  Students may keep a book for as long as they like.  When they return the book, they will be allowed to take home another book.  The return basket for the Lending Library is located just inside the classroom door.

Volunteer List…

Our volunteer sign-up sheet for March is posted in the hallway.  Thank you to all of our volunteers.

We Need…

We need more materials for our writing center/post office.  If you have any old stationary or envelopes, please feel free to drop them off in the classroom.  Also, if you have any old stamps or labels (with the address cut off), we can use them in our classroom.  Thanks.


Hi Families,

We are missing a pair of purple snow pants and a pair of navy blue London Fog snow pants (size 3T).  Can you please check to make sure you did not pick up an extra pair of snow pants.  Thanks so much.


Field Trip…

We will have a field trip to the 22nd district police station (111th & Monterey) and the fire station at 1730 W. 95th Street on February 18th.  All students (AM and PM sessions) should arrive to school at 9:00.  The bus will depart at approximately 9:20.  We will return to school at 11:30.  All students (AM and PM sessions) will be dismissed for the day upon our arrival back to school.  If you were a chaperone on the previous fieldtrip, please understand that we will give priority to families that did not have a chance to chaperone.

Permission slips are being sent home today.

February Newsletter 

Room 106

In Our Classroom…

 We are continuing with our Community Helpers theme.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are talking about the post office and mail carriers.  We feel this is a good way of incorporating the students’ excitement about creating and receiving Valentine’s cards.  Students are learning about what mail carriers do, and how the post office works.  They have questions about what happens to the mail after it’s placed in a mailbox.

February is also Black History month.  Preschool-aged children notice differences among themselves and their peers, including differences in skin color and hair texture.  Our goal is for our students to recognize that there are many ways that people are the same, as well as many ways that people are different.  We want our students to be comfortable acknowledging, accepting, and celebrating differences – their own and those of others.  We try to weave these concepts throughout our school year.  Black History Month provides us another opportunity to reinforce these concepts.  Through all of our topics, we will reinforce alphabet writing, letter-sound knowledge, sorting and comparing, identifying and responding to the emotions of others, and developing empathy and fairness.

Field Trip…

We will have a field trip to the 22nd district police station (111th & Monterey) and the fire station at 1730 W. 95th Street on February 18th.  All students (AM and PM sessions) should arrive to school at 9:00.  The bus will depart at approximately 9:20.  We will return to school at 11:30.  All students (AM and PM sessions) will be dismissed for the day upon our arrival back to school.  If you were a chaperone on the previous fieldtrip, please understand that we will give priority to families that did not have a chance to chaperone.  Thanks.

Important Dates…

2/5                   Friendship Day – Students have the opportunity to visit other classrooms.

2/16                No School – Presidents’ Day

2/18                Fieldtrip to the police and fire stations

Lending Library…

We are starting our Lending Library this month.  Students will have the opportunity to take home a book from our library.  The students may keep the book as long as they like.  When they return their book, they will be able to select a new book from the library.

Thank You…

Thank you to Dawn (Jack’s mom) and Yajaira (Johan’s mom) for serving as our room parents and assisting with our rain barrel project.  Also, thank you to Mr. David who hand drew all of the artwork on our rain barrel.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the barrel, please feel free to stop in and take a look before it’s collected.  The rain barrel will be available for auction at the school fundraiser.

Just a reminder…

We go outside every day the temperature/wind chill is 20 degrees or higher.  We even go out on snowy days.  YAY!  Students should have at least the following:  snow pants, a hat, gloves or mittens made for snow (otherwise they will be soaked through), SNOW boots, and a dry change of shoes.  If it has snowed over several days, the snow on our playground gets fairly deep in spots.  This is why snow pants are important.


ROOM 106


We are preparing for our Parent-Child Activity.  The students will be helping to decorate our rain barrel to be auctioned off at our school fundraiser.  The students were talking about firefighters and building fire trucks prior to winter break.  Other students began role-playing police officers.  As a result, we have tentatively decided to design our rain barrel around firefighters and police officers.

We are continuing to retell/dramatize stories.  We will be retelling The Mitten.  The students are retelling and dramatizing the story.  The students will read versions of the story and make comparisons.  The students will also have the opportunity to create and dramatize their own versions of the story.  Retelling stories is a good time to talk about number order, ordinal numbers, and sequencing. Ask your child to tell you the story of the The Mitten.


The parent-child activity is Friday, January 23rd.  Remember this is a special school day for students.  Students will come to school with a parent or special person.  Students will leave at the end of the one hour session with their parent.  We will decorate our rain barrel to be auctioned at the school fundraiser.  Hope to see you!


We go outside if the temperature/windchill is 20 degrees or higher.  This includes snowy days.

We know that school attendance is important.  However, if your child is sick, please keep them home until they are fully recovered.


1/19…No School

1/23…Parent-Child Activity

As always, thank you to all the families who have volunteered in our classroom and provided items from our wish list.  We are so very grateful.  If you are not able to come into our classroom or to purchase items, please know that we appreciate all that you all do everyday to prepare your children for school.  We have such great students.


October Reminders:

We will collect food on Thursday, October 30th.  Families are invited to walk with us.  We need a couple of wagons to take with us on this day.  Let us know if you are able to share.

Our field trip to the Chicago Children’s Theatre is Friday, October 31st.  Drop off is 8:50 and pickup is 12:00 for all students attending the field trip.

New Information

We are sending home a page from the students’ All About Me books in case students want to include a photo of their Halloween festivities.  This is optional as we know that not every family participates in Halloween.  Families may document whatever they wish on the page or do nothing at all.  There will be other opportunities throughout the school year to add to your child’s book.  If you ever need more pages or if you wish to come in to add to your child’s book, just let the classroom team know.

October News

We Are Learning…

We are continuing to learn about the people and areas in our school and classroom.  The students have begun sharing their Summer Memory Jars.  We are using this time to also talk about friends.  The students are working on fine motor development, pre-writing, and writing.  The students are learning about lines and shapes and how we can use them to create pictures and form shapes and letters.


Volunteer Opportunities

Our classroom volunteer calendar will be posted outside of the classroom.


Entry Parents – help students wash hands

Guest Chef – parents bring ingredients and work with small groups of students to prepare a snack (no products with nuts)

Mailbox Helper – place papers in students’ mailboxes.  This can be done while waiting to drop off or pick up.

Important Dates and Reminders

Please send in a family photo (no larger than 4×6) for an upcoming theme.  The photo will be returned at the end of the school year.

Family Reading Night – September 30th 6:30pm This is spearheaded by our Family Resource teacher, Ms. Margaret.

Parent – Child Activity – October 17th  Students come to school with a parent/guardian for 1 hour.  At the end of the 1 hour session, students are dismissed with their parent/guardian.


PM families are once again welcome to volunteer in the classroom or to drop off their children inside the classroom.  Thank you for being so patient and understanding as we transitioned our students and families into our classroom this year.


ROOM 106 

Welcome to the new school year!  We look forward to reconnecting with our returning families as well as getting to know all of our new students and families.  If you have your birthday letter and/or your summer memory jar, feel free to bring them when you attend.

Just a few reminders…

September 2nd and 3rd are one hour attendance days for students and families.  Orientation will take place on September 3rd during the hour students are in school.

September 4th will be the first full day of attendance for students.

Drop Off and Pick Up Times:

AM 9:10 – 11:45

PM 12:30 – 3:05

Families will sign students in and out of class.  Only people listed on your Release Form will be allowed to pick up students from school.  We may request a photo i.d.  Please do not take offense sometimes it takes us a few days to learn new names and faces.





IN OUR CLASSROOM… Our theme is Growing and Changing.  We are hatching chicks in our classroom.  Through this theme we will learn about how plants, people, and animals grow and change.  The students will continue to use their letter and letter-sound knowledge to write about their ideas.  Students will continue to engage in conversations about stories read in class and to draw inferences and make predictions.  Students will also focus on numeracy skills as we proceed through this theme.

We are asking families to send one small green plant to school.  The students will use this for a project.  It does not need to be in a nice pot. It will be returned to you.

We are also asking families to send in a pack of seeds (any type).  We will observe, compare, and plant them.

UPCOMING EVENTS… Our class will visit The Farm in Palos on Wednesday, May 13th.  Both AM and PM classes will come to school in the morning.  The field trip times are:  8:45 drop off and 11:30 pick up.  The cost is free for students and chaperones.  Field trip permission slips will be sent home this week.  We are able to take 12 chaperones.  Parents who were not chosen as chaperones for our last trip will be given priority for this field trip.

May 16th is our final parent-child activity.  This is an outdoor event focused on movement for both parents and children. This is not a typical school day.  Parents will sign up for a one hour session on that day.  Parents and students will arrive together at the beginning of the one hour session.  Students will be dismissed with their parent after completing the activities.

VOLUNTEERS… The sign-up sheet for May will be posted outside of the classroom.  Thank you to all of the families who have volunteered in our classroom and donated supplies to our classroom.

END OF THE YEAR… Information and dates coming soon


ROOM 106

We are continuing to study classic tales. We are reading the Three Little Pigs. The students are retelling and dramatizing the story. The students will read classic versions of the story and alternate versions of the story and make comparisons. The students will also have the opportunity to create and dramatize their own versions of the story. Retelling stories is a good time to talk about number order, ordinal numbers, and sequencing. Ask your child to tell you the story of the Three Little Pigs.

The parent-child activity is Friday, January 31st. Remember this is a special school day for students. Students will come to school with a parent or special person. Students will leave at the end of the one hour session with their parent. Our theme is “A Day at the Beach.” On this day, we will decorate our Adirondack chair to be auctioned at the school fundraiser on February 21st. Hope to see you!

We go outside if the temperature/windchill is 20 degrees or higher.

If you or your child is missing an item, please check our school’s lost and found. It is located in the hallway across from room 103.

1/24…No school for students
1/31…Parent-Child Activity
2/12…No School
2/21…School Fundraiser

As always, thank you to all the families who have volunteered in our classroom and provided items from our wish list. We are so very grateful. If you are not able to come into our classroom or to purchase items, please know that we appreciate all that you all do everyday to prepare your children for school. We have such great students.

December News
Room 106

Our Classroom
We are reading original and alternate versions of classic tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Little Red Hen, The Mitten, and the Gingerbread Man. The students are working on retelling stories, ordinal numbers, answering questions, making inferences, and applying letter and/or letter-sound knowledge in their writing. Ask your child to tell you the story of Goldilocks.

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play. We go outside when the temp/windchill is 20 degrees or higher.

On wet days, students should bring slippers to wear in class.

Upcoming Events
Pajama and Friendship Day…December 19th
Last Day of School…December 20th
School resumes…January 6th

Wish List
hand soap
Lysol spray
Disinfectant wipes
Paper towels

Thank you
We would like to thank all of our families for joining us for our November feast. We had a wonderful turnout. Thank you to all of our families who have purchased the items on our wish list. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Room 106 News
We have had a great start to the school year. The kids have adjusted to the classroom routine and have been working on following the rules of the room. They started forming relationships with the adults and peers in the classroom and are learning how to interact during choice time, small group time and large group time. They have also explored different areas of the school, people who work in our school and what those people do (i.e. police officer, office clerk, principal, and custodian).We are continuing to see the kids grow every day! We are continuing to work on how to be a friend.
Check it out!
Stop in to check out the alphabet, the numbers, and the birthday wall that the kids have made.

Wish List
Thank you to everyone who has bought items from our wish lists. We really appreciate your assistance!

Family Photo
Also check the classroom window to see if you are missing your family photo. The kids will be sharing their photo with the class in the coming weeks! If you don’t have a photo of your whole family, please send in one that has as many people as possible.
Color Jars
Please continue to work on bringing in items for our color jars. Remember to not bring “favorite” items and make sure that the item fits in the palm of your hand.

Parent Child Activity
The first parent child activity will be on October 11. A signup sheet will be in the hallway soon. Please sign up for a one hour session. We will be making an All About Me book. Specific information about this activity will be coming home soon.

Volunteer Opportunities
There will be a sign up sheet in the hallway with opportunities for you to help in the classroom. We are looking for entry parents to assist students till meeting time, a guest chef to do fruit or vegetable tastings (Wednesdays) and a playdough maker (Mondays). Please let us know if you have any questions or have other ideas of how you would like to volunteer in the classroom.