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Room 102

Room 102 Teacher: Amanda Koerber, Dianna Feltman & Kiara Pugh



Dear Families,

     First, I would like to take a minute and tell each of you how proud we are of all the children! Looking back to their first day in 102 to where they are now, all I can say is WOW! All the children have come so far and continue to grow and develop their academic and social skills. We are seeing the children make beautiful connections with the materials in the classroom and develop friendships with each other!
      As you know we have been exploring all the possibilities that exist with using boxes as building materials.Well, with the introduction of very large boxes even the children that were reluctant to join in our exploration have now found enjoyment in climbing in and out and hiding inside the very large boxes. Finding out how many friends can fit inside a box, listening to the children call another friend over to play together and share in a mutual enjoyment, these are all milestones that turn a classroom into a learning community❤
      We would like to continue to follow their interest in using the boxes to build and play in. If you have any large boxes that you would be willing to send in we would appreciate it. As you can imagine with all the climbing in and out and hiding in the boxes they do not last long and need to be replaced.
       Also, if you are able to 102 is in need of a few supplies. Please send in any of the following items:
Hand Soap
Veggie Straws
Graham crackers
Small bathroom cups
Disinfecting Wipes
Baby Wipes
Thank You,
Amanda, Dianna, Kiara


I hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break! The children were so exited to come back to school!

Miss Dianna and I would like to welcome Miss Kiara to 102. She comes to us with a background in working with early childhood and a love for learning, playing and helping young children develop.

I have lots of important information to share with you. First, January 27th is our next Parent/child activity day. We will  paint canvases that will be auctioned off at this years fundraiser in April. I will send out times to sign up for within the next few days. please remember this is a one hour day where you attend school with your child to complete the activity.
Also, we will begin to study building and building with different found materials. Please save and send in paper towel and toilet paper rolls as well as any boxes you might come across. This study is a wonderful way to encourage imaginary play, promote critical thinking skills as well as working as a team with our peers to create something together.
In addition to the building study we will continue to do activities related to snow. We will have different types of “homemade” snow in the sensory table, we will make snowman out of recycled materials and paint with different textures.
To help us out with our building study we our asking every family to please send in one roll of packing tape or masking tape. 
If you have any questions please call, e-mail or stop by, our door is always opened and we love having our parents stop by:)
Amanda, Dianna, Kiara


Dear Families,

      I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday ! The children all seemed very excited to come back to school!
     Over the next few weeks we will continue with our author study of Mo Willems. The children have begun to request other books besides, We Are In A Book and Should I Share My Ice cream. One book in particular titled, Can I Play Too? has really caught their attention. In this story Elephant and Piggy want to play catch when a friendly snake asks to join their game. But how can a snake play catch??????? This story is about team work and problem solving with many funny parts! The children especially love all the sound words in this book.
        In our materials area the children are beginning to request which materials they want to use. This is very exciting!!!!! Some children choose paint, while others prefer markers or glue with small pieces of paper. I am so proud of all the children that they are able to make a choice and engage in their chosen materials!!!!!
        As the weather continues to get colder please send your children with hats, gloves and boots when it snows. If possible please put your child’s name in all items. Also if you are able to please send in any supplies listed below. We thank you in advance for your continued support!!!!!
Veggie straws
Gold Fish
Graham Crackers
Thank You!!!


Dear Families,

I can not believe we are reaching the end of the first quarter and our first parent teacher conferences of the year! The children have all made tremendous gains and have accomplished so much these past couple of months, I am so very excited to see what the rest of the school will bring!
Our look into the stories by Mo Willems continues to be a huge success! The children continue to love reading the stories titled; Should I Share My Ice cream and We are in a book. Happy Piggy day is also quickly becoming a classroom favorite. I am truly touched by their enthusiasm for these stories! So many of your children will bring these books to us to read not just at our meeting times but all through their day! They recite line from the stories, sit with each other and look through a book together, sharing a common interest! We hear the children saying parts of the book when building with blocks or creating a painting. Our hope as we continue this journey together is to begin to talk with the children as to why we read certain sentences a certain way. For example, why I raise my voice when a line in the story ends in a exclamation point. As well as discuss the characters feelings; why is Gerald sad when he drops his ice cream?
Also, this past week was filled with everything pumpkins! The children started exploring the inside of a pumpkin. What is inside, how does it feel, how does it look? As you will see from the attached pictures, most of the children loved to gooey insides and were interested in the seeds. We saved the seeds and will add them to our sorting materials. The children also painted their pumpkins. It is really nice to see them all come together and work on similar projects. As part of our gooey experiences we explore cooked noodles in the sensory table. The children had so much fun using large spoons to mix the noodles as well as their hands. We modeled describing words for the children as to how the wet, sticky, smiley noodles felt. As well as asking the children how they thought the noodles felt.
On November 9th we have our Parent/Teacher conferences. I will send out time slots this week. Each conference is  20 minutes. We will discuss your child’s IEP progress report Teaching Strategies Gold checkpoints and any other concerns you might have. Please let me know if you are not able to attend on the 9th at all and I will be happy to have a phone conference with you or meet before school on another day.
So far our sorting materials have consisted of different types of dry pasta and of course the pumpkin seeds. We would like to continue with sorting of different materials. We are asking to please save and send in different types of plastic lids. Such as, gallon milk lids, water bottle, juice, or plastic pop lids. As our collection grows we will be able to see how the children sort these items and why they chose to sort a certain way.
As always, thank you so much for all of your support! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me anytime!
Amanda, Dianna, and David


Hi Everyone!!

Our first parent/Child activity day will be held on Oct. 21st. We will be adding to or starting the children’s All About Me Books. In addition to this activity we will work with Ms. Eva to create sensory boards. Each family has been assigned a material to bring in to help create the boards for 102. Please let me know if you are unable to attend the Parent/child day or if you are unable to bring in the requested material. One more thing, since we have such small class sizes this year we were hoping to get all the A.M. families to sign up for the same time and all the P.M. families to sign up for the same time.
A.M. would be 9:10-10:10
P.M. would be 1:45-2:45
This way we can all be together working together on the same project. I thought it might be more meaningful if the kids were all together with their family and friends. Please let me know if the time does not work for you.
Sensory board Supplies:
 Angelo & Aegypt- (2 bags each) of cotton balls
Zayvion & Makebel- bubble wrap
Aiden & Brooklyn- Shower sponges (5 each) dollar store
Connor &Rocky- colored bags of gems (5 each) dollar store
Roman&Alaysia- Makeup application wedges (4 bags each) dollar store
Ivanti& Xavier- Bubble wrap


Dear Families,

Finally warmer weather! The children are so excited to be able to get some outdoor time in the sun once again. It is funny though, as we continue to learn about penguins in particular the ones that live in cold climates it’s getting much warmer here!!

We have begun reading a new story about a penguin called “Where Is Home Little Pip?” by Karma Wilson. It’s about a little penguin that chases a feather and can’t find her way back home. She meets several other animals on her quest to find mom and dad but they keep telling her about their homes until she is finally reunited with her Mom and Dad. The children really like this story and hearing about where not just penguins live but whales, birds and wolves as well.

To incorporate the story into other areas of the classroom, the children have Little Pip story boards that they use to retell the story. We also have an igloo building area where the children build igloos out of sugar cubes. Every day we talk about a new penguin fact.  The children are curious as to why penguins are birds but cannot fly? They have also learned that the Emperor penguin is the tallest of all and a few children began to stand next to each other comparing how tall they were! We are still hoping to make a large classroom igloo so please save and send in your gallon milk, water or juice containers.

If you are able to please send in any of the items listed below, and as always thank you for all your continued help this school year!!!!


Amanda, David & Dianna

Wish List

Gold Fish Crackers                                           Veggie Straws                                   Fruit Snacks

Graham  Crackers                                            Bananas                                               Pretzels

Disinfecting Wipes                                           Corn Starch                                         Food Coloring

Kool Aid Packets                                               Liquid Starch


Dear Families,

As the second quarter comes to a close, I find myself looking back at the beginning of the year with a smile and thinking to myself, WOW! Look how far we’ve come! I feel honored to be a part of your child’s growth and development both academically and socially. I’m excited to see what the second half of the school will bring!

The children have shown an interest in penguins and polar bears over the past couple of weeks. We read a story about a penguin named Rocky who hopped through towns and over igloos till he hopped all the way to the top of a very tall iceberg! This got us wondering, where do these animals live? (not just in the zoo) How do they stay warm in the snow? Do all penguins live in cold weather? To explore possible answers to these questions the children made “snow” as a sensory activity. We talked about how it felt (cold and wet) Ryan piled all the snow up and begun to use our miniature penguins to climb up and down the snow mountain. This lead to another question, how do penguins walk in the snow? We then looked at penguin feet and noticed they are very different than ours! There is so much to discover about penguins, the children are very curious and I am very excited to help them explore and discover answers to our questions. We will continue to encourage this interest through stories, activities and researching. If you have anything at home that you would like your child to share at school about penguins please send it in I’m sure they would love to share it with their friends! Also thinking ahead we would like to build an igloo with the children out of plastic gallon containers, like milk or juice containers. We are going to need ALOT! Please send in and start saving these. This will be an ongoing project so as soon as we have enough to start the first layer, our igloo building project will begin!

As always thank you for all your help and support! We could not do it without you!!!

If you have any questions/concerns please e mail me or stop by, we love seeing our families!

Amanda, David, and Dianna

Wish List

Gold Fish    Veggie Straws   Apple Jacks   Salt   Pretzels  Fruit Snacks  Bananas

Dear Families,

Welcome back!!! What a wonderful first week back to school! All of the children seemed to transition back into their routine with excitement and ease. We would like to welcome some new students into our 102 family, Jamari and Zayvion in the A.M. class and Jecaryous and Roman in the P.M. class. We are excited to have each of you join us as we play, learn and grow together!

Our environment has under gone some inspiring changes. Two areas of the room have been moved, the materials area and the puzzle/ manipulative area. The children seem to like the larger area to work with puzzles and hands on materials as well as a smaller more personal area to share and use art materials. Another addition that all of the children are very interested in is out classroom geo board. This is centered in the middle of the room where they can work together and build upon each other’s rubber band designs. If you have a chance please stop in and see our newly designed space!

It was truly wonderful to see the children come into the room and explore the spaces as well as remembering their routine and things they liked. Many children immediately asked for their favorite books (Wheels on the Bus, The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark) we will continue to read the children’s favorite stories as well as introduce new books over the next few weeks.

On January 22 we will have our next Parent/Child activity. During this time we will help the children paint and make large bird feeders or fountains that will be raffled off at our fundraiser in March. This is a special day where you attend school with your child and work on the project together. I will send a sign-up sheet out next week.

Attached you will find our new words, and rhyme as always if you have any questions/concerns please e mail me alkoerber1@cps.edu or stop in, our door is always opened!

Thank You,

Amanda, David & Dianna


Dear Families,

I can’t believe we are quickly approaching winter break!!!  Looking back at the beginning of the school year till now, I am so proud of all your children and the gains they have made, academically, socially, and emotionally! I can’t wait to see what the next half of the school bringsJ

For some children our box study has turned into making costumes and props for imaginary play. Watching the children come together and act out a play scenario using the things they created with the boxes has truly been heartwarming! Other children still enjoy climbing in, out and through the boxes stacking them as tall as they can before they fall down, then thinking of different ways to get their buildings taller! We will continue with box exploration for the next two weeks, this exploration will hopefully lead into more complex creations and building with different types of blocks and materials when we return from break.

The children have also shown a big interest in the story The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.  Throughout their day they recite the book pretending to be the fish swimming away from the big bad shark. They have explored different materials during Story Workshop to help them tell their version of the story. Using yarn as seaweed, paper boats and fish cut outs. This is the first book in a series of stories that we will read about building houses and the different materials that can be used.

Attached you will find our new words, rhyme, pictures and wish list. As always thank you for all your help and support we couldn’t do it with out you!

Thank You,

Amanda, David & Dianna


Dear Families,

First, let me extend a huge THANK YOU! To everyone that attended the Parent Child Activity. It was a truly wonderful day!  The” All About Me” books turned out perfectly, I’m excited to see the children share their books with their friends.

As we continue our exploration into music and sound the children will be making their own instruments out of recycled materials. We are asking all the families to gather items from your home. Recycled items such as: Tissue rolls, coffee cans, water bottles and small juice bottles, all make wonderful and interesting items to make instruments out of. When collecting these materials include your child in the discussion. An empty coffee can makes a great drum and filling water bottles with rice, bells, or beans make the perfect shaker! Please send in any of these items as they become available in your home, we will make our instruments over the next few weeks.

We have started out our year long journey into Story Workshop. To begin introducing the children to telling their story using different materials we began with a story the children all love, The Big Green Monster. After we read the story using visual cues we then asked the children what they would like to use to tell their monster story. Some children chose to make monsters out of play dough while others found their monster story in painting. As the year progresses we will continue to encourage he children to use their imagination and tell their own stories using different materials, attached are some pictures of the children during Story Workshop.

As always thank you for all the continued donations of supplies! We could not do it without your support!!! Also, thank you for all your dedication to your child’s success at school. It is apparent that everyone is practicing the words and rhyme at home. The children come into class repeating the rhyme and looking for the words on the board. Way to go families!!!

Please contact me with any questions/concerns alkoerber1@cps.edu

Thanks Again,

Amanda, David & Dianna



Dear Families,

The children have all enjoyed our exploration into music and sound! They especially love all the donations of found items as musical instruments.  Many of the children are independently exploring the coffee cans as drums and the water bottles filled with beans as shakers!

In addition to our music and movement exploration we have begun the Box Study. The children were given a variety of different size boxes and asked “what can we do with a box?” Some children began to stack them as high as they could, while others climbed in a large opened box and imagined it was a rocket ship! Multiple children tried to climb into a medium size box and discovered that some boxes can only hold two friends but the very large box can hold four friends and their Teacher. As we continue with this study we will explore the different shapes of boxes (squares, rectangles) as well as size. The children will lead the study as they play and create their own ways to use the boxes with their friends. We are asking for any donations of boxes you would be willing to send in. Shoe boxes make excellent building materials, packing boxes of any size offers endless possibilities!

       We would also like to say “Thank You!” for the continued donations of supplies and materials. The healthy snacks have brought the children together, making requests for preferred snacks, waiting for their turn, it’s truly wonderful to see all the children sitting together, sharing a snack and enjoying each other’s company!

Attached you will find our new words and rhyme for the next couple of weeks. The focus for this phonics lesson is words that have the same ending sound.

Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on November 18th. I will send out the time slots this week. As always please e mail me or call with any questions, concerns, comments.



Ms. Amanda, Mr. David, Ms. Dianna


Dear Families,

A huge THANK YOU!!! For all the supplies that were sent in. We truly appreciate it!

Over the past couple of weeks the children have been discovering, finding and exploring all things green! They continue to have the most interest in mixing blue and yellow to make green. During our most recent color mixing exploration, the children mixed yellow and blue watercolor into corn syrup!! Using craft sticks to stir the colors some children enjoyed watching the “sticky paint” drip onto their paper while others chose large paint brushes and swirled the colors together immediately making green!

Our exploration of green is coming to an end, however, we will continue to spark the children’s natural curiosity with color and color mixing by offering additional colors to explore (red &yellow=orange) (red & blue=purple). I encourage you to continue this exploration and conversation about color at home. Make it fun, play an “eye spy” game around your house or the neighborhood.

As always if you have any questions please contact me or stop by for a visit, we love seeing all of our families!

Thank You,

Amanda ,Joe& Audrey

Dear Families,

Room 102 will once again participate in this year’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks Saturday, May 16, 2015 at Soldier Field. It is absolutely FREE to walk. However you must register under our team name, Room102. This is a truly great day to spend with our children for a wonderful cause!  Please consider joining us by registering at walknowforautismspeaks.org/chicago. Again it is totally free to walk however, if you would like to make a donation you may do so  at the website under out team name. I will send out t-shirt order forms within the next week. If you are unable to join us on the walk you are welcomed to purchase t-shirts. If you have any questions please stop by and see me or e mail me at alkoerber1@cps.edu.  Thank you in advance for all of your support! I look forward to walking with everyone!!!!!

Let’s get Walking!



Dear Families,

To say it’s cold outside would be an understatement! Let’s hope warmer weather is upon us soon, I think we are all looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun and spending time in our outdoor space again!

The children have taken their learning and exploration in a new direction. With the introduction of our home living area, they have begun to set the table, “cook” a variety of foods and pretend to wash the dishes. As we observed where their interest were, we presented the children with a menu and cash register. This once kitchen has now turned into a cafe! The children are working together taking turns as the chef, assigning different roles, who will be the customer, who will take the money and who will cook the food. It is most exciting to see the children talking to each other, engaging in play scenarios, and most importantly, making connections and friendships with one another!!!

The children have also been working with color and color mixing. They have explored mixing blue and yellow to make green as well as blue and red to make purple. They have used, paint, watercolor and food coloring, discovering how much of one color is needed to create a new color. Watching the children’s faces as the paint turns to purple, hearing their comments “it’s purple” or “Hello green”, puts a smile on our faces because they have made these discoveries on their own! We will continue to dive deeper into color exploration supporting the children’s interest and curiosity.

Attached you will find our next rhyme and words to practice over the next week. Also a supply list. Any contribution to the success of our classroom is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank You,

Amanda, Joe, and Audrey


Dear families,

Just a couple of friendly reminders. With the weather warming up a bit we will be able to go outside, please send your child in appropriate outdoor clothing. Boots, hat, snow pants, gloves/mittens. They do not have to wear this too school but if you send it with them we will help your child get dressed for outdoor play.

Also, don’t forget this Friday is our Parent/Child activity day. If you have not yet chosen a time please let me know as soon as possible. We will be painting rain barrels that will be auctioned off at this year’s fund raiser. It might get messy so please come in painting appropriate clothing.

Over the past couple of weeks the children have begun to use  the boxes as transportation vehicles instead of buildings, as they were previously. They have made “spaceships” and pretended to fly them to the “store”, or racecars with rockets on the sides!  We will continue to observe and follow their lead in this new exploration. If you have any medium to large size boxes that you are willing to donate to the children it would be greatly appreciated.

Attached you will find our new rhyme and vocabulary words for the next two weeks. Please take some time and practice these with your child. As always your support and dedication to the success of our classroom is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions/concerns please contact me anytime at alkoerber1@cps.edu

Thank You,

Amanda, Joe & Audry


Dear Families,

Happy New Year!! We hope everyone enjoyed the winter break and was able to spend time with  family and friends.

The next couple of weeks we will continue our exploration with boxes and building. We will focus our discovery on how to create buildings/ structures, the tools and equipment that are needed as well as discuss how working together on a project is better than working alone

The children will be exploring and reading a variety of books about building and construction including If I Built A House by Chris Van Dussen and When I Build With Blocks by Niki Alling. If you would like to send in a book from home for your child to share, we would love to read it with them!!

As always thank you for all your continued help and support, we couldn’t do it without you!!!!!

Room 102

December 5, 2014

Dear Families,

Just a friendly reminder, please send your child with his/her school bag every day. If you need a new Barbara Vick bag please let me know and I will send one home.

The children continue to show an interest in boxes as well as transportation vehicles. Some children have turned the boxes into car washes and garages. While others build “club houses” with the boxes and other material from the classroom.

All the children have enjoyed and engaging in “messy art” activities and material exploration. Using a variety of paints, such as temper, watercolor and homemade paints, mixing colors to create new ones and discovering that just a little bit goes a long way!

Attached you will find our new phonics words and Rhyme as well as a wish list of items. We would truly appreciate anything you would be able to give to our classroom.

As always thank you so much for all your efforts in helping make this school year a success! If you have any questions/concerns please contact me at alkoerber1@cps.edu


Room 102

November 10, 2014

Dear Families,

Just a few friendly reminders: Please sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences on 11-12-14 if you have not done so already.

Also, as the weather becomes colder, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play. We go outside if it is 20 degrees or higher.

Over the past couple of weeks the children’s interest has turned towards using loose parts such as buttons, beads, yarn and pipe cleaners to make collages. They have also begun to expand their imaginary play with the boxes. Some children have decided the boxes are spaceships while others use them as robot parts. We will continue to introduce different size boxes to encourage their imaginations to grow!

Attached you will find our new phonics words as well as a wish list of items. We would truly appreciate anything you would be able to give to our classroom.

As always thank you so much for all your efforts in helping make this school year a success! If you have any questions/concerns please contact me at alkoerber1@cps.edu


Room 102


Dear Families,

Thank you to all the families who attended the parent/child activity! We enjoyed talking with you and all the children’s books look beautiful.

Over the past two weeks the children have continued to show an interest and curiosity in nature. Especially plants, soil and mud!

They worked together to create art using sticks, leaves, flowers and mud. The children explored different ways to make the materials stay on their cardboard squares. Discovering that using more mud helped hold the sticks and leaves on increased their engagement time during this activity.

Last week the children came into the classroom to discover a tower of boxes! They stacked, made tunnels, commented on how high it was becoming. Figured out that big boxes go on the bottom and little ones on top and pretended it was a racecar. It was wonderful to watch the children work together to solve a problem and use their imaginations!

As always, thank you for all your support and dedication to your child’s success and if you have any questions/concerns please contact us at alkoerber1@cps.edu or 102newsroom@gmail.com


Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe we are already into October! The children are into their routines and seem to be excited and eager to come to school!

We have a couple of important dates to remember. October 17th is our Parent/Child activity. This is not considered a typical school day. It is a day where you and your child attend school at a certain time and work together with your child and other families on a special project. October 31st is our field trip to the Palos Children’s Farm. Additional information on both activities will be sent home soon.

The children continue to express an interest in planting and growing. Our Lima Beans have sprouted and the grass just keeps getting taller!

As always THANK YOU! For all of your hard work and dedication to your child’s success. If possible please send in the following items, we greatly appreciate your help in making our classroom successful.

1 medium pumpkin ( special project)

Disinfecting wipes

Paper Towels

Apple Juice (everyone loves apple juice at snack time)

Thank You,

Room 102


Dear Families,

This past week has been filled with many exciting experiences. We have met new friends and welcomed back familiar faces!

We have begun to explore colors with a variety of different materials. The children enjoy using different brushes, paper and paint to mix, blend and create their beautiful works of art.

The children have shown an interest in soil and planting. This started with exploring soil using our hands, shovels, spoons, and buckets. Discovering that adding water makes mud that we can paint with! Adding grass seed to the soil quickly began to sprout increasing the children’s interest and curiosity. We will continue to follow the children’s lead while presenting them with new planting and growing experiences

Attached you will find our first list of phonics words. Please take some time with your child to read each word and talk about the letter sounds. We will introduce new words every two weeks.

Thank you in advance for all your hard work and dedication to your child’s success!

Room 102

Dear Families,
Over the past couple of weeks we have been exploring buildings. The children enjoy creating different buildings using an assortment of blocks, drawing materials and looking at pictures to create their own buildings. We are still in need of magazines and newspapers with pictures of buildings. Please help us continue our study by sending in these items.
Monday April 7th is our next  Parent/Teacher conference. Please choose your first, second and third choice time slot  and send back the form as soon as possible. Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve bases. This is an important day in which we will discuss your child’s progress. I hope all of you can attend!
I want to say “Thank You!” to the families that continue to send in supplies and healthy snacks! All of the children participate in healthy snack time and we could not do it without you! Please consider sending in any items from the  list below at any time. We could not continue with our healthy snack time without you support.
As always I have attached our new rhyme and vocabulary words. We will continue to read The Three Little Pigs and a nonfiction book entitled: Buildings, Buildings, Buildings. If you have any questions/concerns please give me a call or e mail me at alkoerber1@cps.edu.
Supply List:
Apples     Oranges     Bananas     String Cheese     Apple Juice    Crackers
Disinfecting  wipes     clothes pins
Thank you,
Room 102


Dear Families,  Just a couple of reminders/requests, as always our new rhyme and words are attached. Thank you for practicing them at home with your child, your dedication to your child’s success shows in their daily activities!  We would like to continue with our music explorations. In order for this exploration to be successful we need your help! If you or anyone you know would be willing to donate any   string and/or wind instrument to our room it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you or anyone you know plays an instrument and would be willing to come in and play for us, please let me know.  The children are enjoying our healthy snack time. They continue to request their favorite snack and use more and more words each time! We would like to continue to set aside a time each day to enjoy a health snack together. Please send in your child’s favorite fruit or vegetable to eat during this time. If you would like to send enough to share with our friends that would be fantastic!

Finally, Room 102 is in need of the following items: Kleenex, Paper Towel, Dish Sponges, Lysol  Disinfecting wipes, Bleach

Thank You, Room 102



Dear Parents and Families,

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to the 2013/2014 school year! We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with new experiences and lots of smiles. This year we will be exploring and learning through the implementation of our new Creative Curriculum series. This curicclum is designed to be child centered, offering many meaningful studies as well as a literacy component filled with interesting and engaging books. We enjoy keeping in touch with all of our families, and keeping you informed on your child’s progress during the school year. Our door is always opened, please stop by any time, we love to have you!!! Also, if you have any questions/concerns you can always e mail me at alkoerber1@cps.edu or give the school a call. We look forward to meeting all of you soon, have a wonderful day!!
Amanda, Joe and Audrey