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Holiday Policy

Holiday Guidelines
Holidays are an important part of the lives of our families, children and staff.
Our intention with our Holiday/Celebration Policy is to provide the children experiences with values of giving, sharing, and family. We believe that these are important lessons for young children.
When children come to school excited about specific holidays, i.e. Halloween costumes, Santa Claus, etc., the classroom staff will support the discussion/conversation regarding the specific holiday traditions. It will be part of classroom discussion but not part of the curriculum.
The curriculum will focus on sharing, family, and giving. Art experiences/activities will be open-ended, not identical crafts with holiday themes. Children’s interest in creating their own holiday themed items will be supported but not directly taught. Literature within the classroom will be reflective of the curriculum being taught, seasonal activities as well as books focused on current seasons/holidays.
 Children’s Birthdays- Each classroom will determine how to best honor the child. Please do not send in treats or goodie bags.
 Halloween- Classrooms may read Halloween themed books and poems and/or engage in open ended experiences with pumpkins, gourds, etc. Please do not dress your child in costumes or send treats.
 Thanksgiving-Both campuses will sponsor a Food Drive. The Food Drive is a Service Learning Project. Classroom teams will talk with the children about the importance of sharing and giving to those less fortunate. 113th campus will continue to gather food from the surrounding neighborhood. Kedzie will sponsor a canned food drive.
Some additional options for classroom experiences to support the values of giving and sharing include, but are not limited to, sharing with another classroom … a “feast” (snack), a morning or afternoon of play, and /or materials.
 Christmas-Both sites will sponsor a Giving Project to support a woman’s and children’s shelter. We will host an evening Sing-Along. Classrooms may support the children to make gifts for parents/guardians.
 Valentine’s Day-Holiday specific materials will be available for children to make special notes for classmates or families, if they so choose. Please do not send Valentines or treats for children.
 Mother’s (special female) day and Father’s (special male) day will be recognized. Individual classrooms will determine how to honor that special someone.
In keeping with our commitment to diversity, classroom community members are invited to share non-traditional holidays that have ethnic and cultural significance specific to their family. Sharing can include special activities and experiences; such as reading a book or sharing a memory. These shared experiences are intended to honor other cultures and heritages and need to maintain our focus on giving and sharing. These shared experiences will take place during classroom time. Please consult with the classroom team beforehand.


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